Soloist and recording artist Adam Unsworth is Associate Professor of Horn at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. As a performer he is dedicated to commissioning and performing works of living composers, with a goal of expanding repertoire and redefining the boundaries of the horn.

His new CD release, Snapshots, on Equilibrium Records, is a compilation of previously unrecorded music, much of which Adam commissioned since starting at Michigan in 2007. Currently he is anticipating the release of Balance, a jazz recording for horn, jazz quintet, and chamber orchestra, which features arrangements of his original compositions.

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Jeff Agrell, The Horn Call Magazine (publication of the International Horn Society)
"Unsworth, whose day job happens to be with the Philadelphia Orchestra, sounds completely at home with the jazz language of these compositions. He uses every color of the sonic rainbow, with cascades of sounds, now in the stratosphere, now way down low, now glissing or leaping instantaneously between the two.... Astounding, infectious stuff."

Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer
"Now comes Adam Unsworth, a horn player with the Philadelphia Orchestra and a Temple instructor who has an unusual desire to swing. With a sound mellower and stiffer than a trombone, Unsworth darts around enough to make a vivid impact...."

Tom Di Nardo, Daily News (Philadelphia)
"Ask musicians around town, and they'll tell you that hornist Adam Unsworth is a monster player. This member of the Philadelphia Orchestra (since 1998) and the Temple University faculty is also a rare musician who can play in the jazz and classical realms."

Peter Burwasser, City Paper (Philadelphia)
"This that is not strictly classifiable (hooray for that), but which comes across as heartfelt and eloquent."

Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene
"His solos are full of colorful and melodic ideas with episodic yet logical development, putting Unsworth at the top of his small field of major jazz French hornists."


Ken Kase, All About Jazz
"Unsworth's debut recording does what the best jazz should do by asking questions, shunning orthodoxy and predictability and having a few laughs along the way. His virtuosity is undeniable...Unsworth and his group have created something rare and distinctive."

NewMusicBox Web Magazine
"...the thing that really took my breath away (pun intended) is what Unsworth can do on the horn all by himself. With a single melodic line, he bends, he grooves, he twists, he turns, and you never miss the rhythm section." more

Don Berryman, Jazz Police
"This unusual configuration of horn, violin, bass clarinet and flute, vibraphone, bass, and drums creates an unique sound, and the performance combines classical chamber music elements with improvisation."

Review, Phil Collins of CCM, Cinncinati, Adam Unsworth, RE: Masterclass, performance, lecture.


"Adam Unsworth, Defying Convention" All About Jazz



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Crossover with Jill Pasternack, WRTI 90.1 FM Philadelphia.


Press Releases
Press Releases

Press Release, 2006: Philadelphia Orchestra hornist makes jazz debut with groundbreaking CD