Soloist and recording artist Adam Unsworth is Associate Professor of Horn at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. As a performer he is dedicated to commissioning and performing works of living composers, with a goal of expanding repertoire and redefining the boundaries of the horn.

His new CD release, Snapshots, on Equilibrium Records, is a compilation of previously unrecorded music, much of which Adam commissioned since starting at Michigan in 2007. Currently he is anticipating the release of Balance, a jazz recording for horn, jazz quintet, and chamber orchestra, which features arrangements of his original compositions.

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Just Follow Instructions
Daniel Schnyder: Chamber Works

© 2009 Adam Unsworth


  1. Trio For Horn, Violin, and Piano "Walden Trio" (12:30)
  Duo Cncertante for Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone: adapted for horn and bass trombone  
  2. I. (2:10)
  3. II. (5:48)
  4. III. (2:14)

Trio for Trumpet, French Horn and Bass Trombone

  5. I. (6:01)
  6. II. (1:46)
  7. III. (1:45)
  8. IV. (1:38)
  9. V. (1:14)
  10. Trio for Trumpet, French Horn, and Bass Trombone (5:12)
  Sonata for Horn and Piano  
  11. Blues (6:22)
  12. An American Ballad (4:08)
  13. Below Surface (1:29)
  14. Romeo and Julia Variations (3:20)
  Trombone Quartet "Rossini's Visit to Beethoven" adapted for trumpet, horn, and bass tombone  
  15. I. (4:32)
  16. The Pharao's Funeral (4:35)
  17. Flying Carpets (2:36)
  total time: 67:23

Skill Level 2/Easy: Just Follow Instructions...

Adam Unsworth
Mark Feldman
Matt Herskowitz
Wayne duMaine
David Taylor

trumpet, flugelhorn
bass trombone


JUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS was made possible by a generous grant from the University of Michigan’s Office of the Vice-President for Research
Co-produced by Adam Unsworth and John Vanore

Horn, Violin, and Piano recorded at Widener University Studios, Chester, PA April 26-27, 2008;
John Vanore, engineer, assisted by Glen Carty Brass recorded at the Duderstadt Center Audio Studio, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, October 19-20, 2008

David Greenspan, engineer Mixed and mastered by Acoustical Concepts, Inc., Springfield, PA and by Daniel Schnyder are copyrighted and published exclusively by E. Williams Music Publishing Company, 300 Fallen Leaf Lane, Roswell, Georgia 30075, USA All rights reserved and published by Marc Reift Editions - Switzerland,
and published by Daniel Schnyder (Danymu Music)
Adam Unsworth plays a Kortesmaki single Bb horn on this recording
Mark Feldman uses DPA microphones
Studio photographs by John Vanore and David Greenspan Cover: “Cupids Garden” sculpture by Chris Gardner, Washington, D.C. Used with permission of the artist.

Sculpture photograph by John Vanore
Artwork and design by Austin Unsworth

Thanks to: John, David, Mark, Matt, and Wayne Christopher Kendall and the University of Michigan Ron Torrella and Mary Simoni (Block M Records), and David Greenspan Daniel Schnyder for this music My wife, Amy, for her caring and support.